3 Reasons I Did My First Market of 2024

3 Reasons I Did My First Market of 2024

Can you believe this is my first one of 2024??? I have went from doing markets every single weekend to now this is my first one of the year and it's six months in. 

So, why did I start now? What made me participate in the Zora's House Summer Market? First, Markets are very important for brands. Here are three reasons...

1. Make Sells

2. Increase Brand Awareness

3. Market Research

Number one is obvious, as business owners we are in the business of making money. Everything you do is to create a potential sell of your service or  products. There's so many rules to selling, people don't want to feel like you're selling them. Speaking to the benefit/need of your product or service and not the details or how it works. But at the end of the day, no matter the art to selling, the purpose is to sell.

Number two, increase brand awareness. You want to get your business in front of your target audience each and every chance you get. Where is your target audience? Sometimes you have to go to where they are! It's important to always create leads and increase brand awareness. Let the world know who you are, who you serve and how you can make their life better. 

Number three. Market research! Dropping a new product? Let's see what the people have to say. What are their thoughts? Likes and dislikes? What products do people resonate with and why? 

The opportunity came to me to be a vendor at the Summer Market. It was nice to get out amongst the people. I really enjoyed seeing some clients with their bags out and about at the market! That gave me so much joy! I met some amazing people and enjoyed great conversations with people. It's more than just selling and making money. You get to engage with others, see your customers and get an idea of what people think about your product. 

While I don't attend many markets anymore, I enjoyed Saturdays! I'll let you know when I do another one. Until then, you shop online 24/7!


Customer rocking her Rebecca Crossbody she rocks daily for 2 years!  


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