Tonē Bekka leather bags are hand-crafted by the designer in her studio. You want to know more, here are some common questions. If you have one that is not answered below, please feel free to contact Jovanna and ask right here.

Are you Tonē?

No, my name is Jovanna. Tonē is short for my husbands middle name Anthony and the Bekka is my deceased sister Rebecca.

How do you pronounce Tonē Bekka?

The name is pronounce Tony Becca

I saw a bag I like and didn't buy it and it's no longer available. Will you bring it back?

Don't Procrastinate! If you see it and want it, buy it. I do offer Klarna and Affirm. I create what inspires me and my best sellers, so if there is something you like get it. All bags are made and ready to ship. Once that collection is sold it may not return for a while. So don't wait!

Are your bags Ready to Rock or Pre-Order?

All bags on the site are currently made and ready to ship to you. If it says sold out it is gone and unless I have the leather and hardware, most likely it is gone and I can't say when it will return. 

I saw a bag on your site but I want it in another color, is that possible?

No! Not at the moment. All bags are made and then sold. Only what is on the site and the color it is on the site is what is available. 

Do you take custom orders?

No! I do not do custom orders.

Do you make the bags by hand and by yourself?

Yes! I am a one woman show. I design, cut, and sew every bag and accessory I sell. As of right now I do not have any staff however I'm working to change that. 

What are your bags made of?

All my bags are made of 100% genuine leather and/or hair on hide leather. 

Do you offer any guarantees on your bags?

Yes. Any natural wear or tear on your bag I will repair and replace for free. 

How should I take care of my bag?

You can treat the leather with a leather lotion. Any spots on your bag can be wiped down or cleaned with a leather cleaner.  

Do you have bags already made on hand?

All bags are made and on hand ready to ship. 

I see a bag I want but can't get it right now. Will you make it later?

I do offer Affirm, AfterPay and Klarna for Buy now, Pay later options. If you can not do that and need to wait it is a risk that it may be sold and once gone it is gone. Some bags are made in mulitples. Like 3 or 4 of the exact same bag. But once all are sold they are gone!

I live in Columbus, do I have to pay for shipping?

No, I have a pick up option that you can choose at checkout. 

Can I shop your bags in person?

Yes. I have a studio space, you can shop by appointment only. Also I do many markets and fairs around the city. Please follow me on social media and sign up for my newsletter to see where I will be popping up from week to week. 

Is this Vegan leather?

No! Absolutely not. All leather products are genuine leather. I source it my leather from Columbus as well as all over the United States and overseas. Although Vegan leather is less expensive it is of lower quality than real leather which makes it a lot less durable than real leather and due to its thinness, it's more likely to break, crack and scuff over time. "Vegan Leather" that is made of plastic-based leather alternatives, while not directly harming animals in the production process, can still take years to degrade, which is harmful to the environment.

Can I get a different strap than the one that comes with the bag?

Possibly, please email me at talktous@tonebekka.com to discuss another strap option.

How can I pay for my bag?

Various payment options are available online from major credit cards, Sezzle, ShopPay, Google Pay, Paypal, AfterPay, Klarna, Affirm and Venmo.


I hope these answered your question. If it did not please feel free to contact Jovanna and ask right here.