First Backpack Drop of 2024!

First Backpack Drop of 2024!

The Amalfi Ruck Backpack

The making of the Amalfi Rucksack Backpack. As a designer, one question we are always asked is where do we get our inspiration from? What inspires us to create and make the bags that we do? 

I remember it was the end of November, beginning of December 2023 and early one morning I was scrolling on Instagram. I came across a car event out in Los Angeles and the car I saw pictured was beautiful! The colors of the car jumped out and grabbed me. I immediately thought to myself, this is the next Ruck backpack. 

I had just made the Butterscotch a little over a month before and was still receiving rave reviews on how much people love the bag and want me to bring it back! But when I saw this car, I thought to myself, 'If people love the Butterscotch, they are going to love this next bag!' I saved the post and went right into action to get the leather. 

Porsche Spyder

Contacting my supplier, I sent the picture of the car, it's a custom made Porsche Spyder by SmokeDogg Customs. They sent me several swatches of leather to match all three colors I saw in the car. While I awaited for the leather to arrive I had to sketch the bag out! I'm a visual person, so I had to visualize exactly what the bag would look like. Which leather I would put where and how much!

Once I decided on which leather to use and where, I couldn't wait til it arrived. I thought the swatch was soft and supple. But once I got the whole leather hide, the buttery softness of the leather was just "WOW!"

I was so excited when I got the leather! It arrived one day early. You can see my excitement here on Instagram. I cut the bag out right away! I still haven't finished the waistbags I was working on when it arrived (oops). 

I enjoyed making this bag. I was able to be more creative and just have fun while I made it. I tried new looks, like no raw edges on the bag. The edges are fully finished or folded over and top stitched which definitely levels the bag up from other Rucks I have made which still have a rugged feel to them. This one screams luxury and I love it!

Ok, so the name of the bag. I didn't want it to be obvious and give it a name that relates to the car. When I look at this bag I think of water, peace, tranquility, and getting away. My husband, usually names my bags and the bag made him think of the Amalfi Coast in Italy! When he showed me the pic that is on the laptop above, it had all the colors of the bag and that solidified it. Thus, the name Amalfi was born! 

The full and half hide I purchased should make 5 backpacks. Depending on the response and supplies, I may bring it back. But I would love to hear what you think. Feel free to respond and weigh in!

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