Going Live with Hosful was Heaven!

The Tonē Bekka brand is continuing to grow and get recognized in the city of Columbus. With every new opportunity to evangelize the brand I become more and more grateful. 

Living in a space of gratitude is one of the pillars of Tonē Bekka. Every chance I get to walk into my studio, to design, cut and sew is a new moment to create something that someone will love. The thought of that excites me for the future. It is never lost on me how fortunate I am to do what I do. When I was at an open air market in June 2021, I met Bianca (left). Through conversation with Bianca, I was presented with an opportunity to go live on Instagram inside of a hot, new, Columbus boutique called Hosful Collective owned by Lindsey (right) for their Fashion Talk Tuesday segment. 

It was an absolute blast. When I arrived I met our model for the day: Imani. She was so sweet and fun. She really did the brand proud, captivating the audience with movement and engagement while Biance and I talked about the bags and other pieces that are offered at the boutique. Check out a bunch of the other photos captured during the IG Live. It was so fun.