Launch Party

Launch Party

Jovanna Smiling
Hey Ya'll!!! 
As you can see in the photo above I am happy! I hosted my first launch party in our new studio! First, we have been in this building for 3 years. However we recently switched to another studio. So everything feels fresh and new. With the new change in location, my birthday month and a new direction in business I wanted to celebrate. Instead of just dropping the latest collection online I wanted to bring you all in and see, touch, and smell the bags (we all love the smell of leather right). 
So, on my birthday, October 18th I dropped the first collection of Ready to Rock bags. it was a small collection, only 6 pieces. The Butterscotch Collection consisted of the Ruck backpack, Daily Tote, 2 Rebecca Crossbody bags and 2 Renee Clutches. I wanted to give those who attended the event the opportunity to see the bags and make their purchases before the reveal to the world. 
All Collections moving forward are Ready to Rock, no longer Made to Order. The good thing is there will no longer be a 6-8 week wait to get your bags. They will be shipped by the next business day. The downfall though, once the bags are made and purchased, unless I'm able to bring them back it will be gone once purchased. So, if you see a bag you know you want, don't wait to grab it. There are payment options available on the site to help so you have no regrets on missing the bag later! 
The Launch was a hit! I thoroughly enjoyed having everyone be able to come into the space and shop. The vibe was good, people came through and laughs were plenty. I plan to have a few more before the end of the year. One on Black Friday as I drop another collection. And another in December as you finalize your Holiday Shopping.
Shopping at the studio, is great! You get to see all the pieces, check out the space where they are made and walk right out with your bag. I love engaging with you all and seeing you in person, so it's always a treat for me! Check out the photos below and I hope to see you Black Friday!!!






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