Look What I Made Ya'll

Look What I Made Ya'll

So, a lady reaches out to me on Instagram. She asked about me making some bags for her. I let her know that I do not make custom bags, however she can check out my site. She requests that I make her the Rebecca Crossbody. We schedule a meeting for her to come to the studio and bring the skin and discuss more of what she wants. She was new to me and I wondered how she found out about me and my brand Tonē Bekka.

Well one of my moms childhood friends, son works for daughter's jewelry business. When they were talking about wanting bags made, he told them, I know someone who can help you with that. This is someone I have known since I was younger, however they live in a different city then I do and I have not interacted with them in years! My connection with them allowed me an opportunity to work with this family. Remember who you are, who you know and how you treat people matters in life. 

When I tell you I was in for a big surprise! The customer arrives with two Alligator skins, one 20 foot long and another 10 foot long. Her husband and son went to Florida and caught two Alligators and they were able to have them tagged so they can take the skins with them when they leave. Prior to bringing the skins, they had some wallets and belts made from the skins and since it was around the Holidays they wanted their family to have a keepsake of what they caught. So the Wife/mother, daughter and daughter-in-law received the Rebecca bag made out of the Alligator skins and gifted it to them for Christmas. 

Alligator Skins

This was such a fun project to work on. It was different because not only was I able to create something that is special and dear to this family, they would also be keepsakes for all them to have. I've never worked with real Alligator Skin before so it was new to me. 

It's very tough and thick as you could imagine. I did have to use a method of skiving to thin it out so that I could get the skin to bend in places and not be too thick to work with. Otherwise it could break my needle in my sewing machine. But I really enjoyed making these bags! They all loved them and I was honored to picked to be a part of this experience with the family. 


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