Wallets and  Well Wishes

Wallets and Well Wishes

I look forward to Thursdays. I have been a solopreneur for a long time. One of the consistent prayers that I have had has been "God, send help!". I've been sent some help a few days a week for the last few months and it has been so needed. 

I have a student-intern who happens to be an aspiring fashion designer. But she's quickly become one of the Tonē Bekka tribe. Whenever she arrives she is ready to dig right in and get to work. My daughter is also off school for the summer and when she's working with me I see her talent. I don't think there are any studies on cutting and sewing being a hereditary trait but... we might just have a case study.

Growing up, I remember hearing my dad say, "Every man needs to carry a wallet." and it just seems like one of those natural statements that makes sense. Men need a place to carry their cash and cards. 

Our objective was to complete a few different wallets in previously unavailable colors to test out at some of the open-air markets that we have this weekend. From cutting, to sewing, to cleaning up edges; the Thursday crew got it done. 

I've found recently that women like our wallets as much as the men do. I love it when my specific products become beloved by everyone. Enjoy a few more visual moments of our workday captured by my husband Rance.


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