Ya'll Made Me Cry!!!!!!

Ya'll Made Me Cry!!!!!!

OK! So my heart has been so full! The end of 2022 and first quarter of this year has had me stressed. Things haven't been going the way I'm used to. I've been overwhelmed, considered walking away. Sometimes you just wonder, what am I really doing? Am I still serving a purpose? 

A week before Christmas my sewing machine broke. I pivoted like I always do and started using my older machines while the repair man looked at my main machine. After almost 2 weeks, I get my machine back and excited to get to work only for it to break again within a week. Pivoting again, to make things work, I rely on my other two machines. Which don't have the power and ability to sew all my bags with ease like my main one. However, this time the repair man said since I keep having the same issue I need to just get a new machine instead of continuously putting money into this one. My $2,000 machine I purchase in 2020 is now out of commission! You talk about frustrated!!!

Fast forward to a few weeks later during a prayer call I requested prayer for my attitude because I'm thinking I don't have the money to purchase a new machine and I don't know how long the waitlist is for a used machine and I have bags to make. Later that day a lady from the prayer call reached out and said she was touched by my situation and she wants to see me succeed. She wanted to sow into my business and try to rally others to join, and if just 50 women donated $40 I would be able to get another machine! I was touched by all this. Reluctantly I was obedient to her desire even though I didn't want to ask people to help in this manner. I received people giving donation and ended up a little under half way there. So I decided I would use the money to get the repair man to come out and try again just so I have something to get through for a while. WELL...

While waiting on him, my other machine breaks 😭. You talk about wanting to throw in the towel. I was urged again to ask for donations. I did, and this time when I say you all showed up and showed out!!!! I was in tears all morning by the outpouring of love I received from donations to encouraging notes and messages to keep going, not to stop, and how much my bags are loved! 


I GOT THE MONEY!!!! I have never in my life felt this type of love from others and I am truly grateful and humbled by all this. You all have spoken, I will not be going anywhere!!! I am here to stay because I have realized throughout all of this, this is bigger than me. So I say Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

And I found a industrial machine company, right here in the state, I was able to get the machine without having to pay the expensive cost of shipping. God just worked this whole situation out completely! Ask and ye shall receive and don't ever for a chance feel you have a problem too big or too small for God and He hears all of our requests!!!

❤️❤️❤️ I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

 Click to check out my new machine! 

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